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 Michelle's Issues

She has fought to keep taxes low, and she will continue this fight.  Low property taxes insure affordable housing and a community open to all.  Further she has committed to Watching the budget and making sure that all increases add value to the residents.

She works with Winona's businesses.  She helps create ordinances that allow for growth and development and ensure Winona's companies want to stay and grow here.  (Bay State Milling, TRW, Wincraft) Quality jobs create a community with opportunity.  

Michelle encouraged and nurtured development friendly to downtown--She worked to Create the Main Street program with the Chamber, Co -created the Big Muddy Brew N Que, Touch A Truck and helped foster policies and ordinances to encourage downtown revitalization.  This is one of Michelle's greatest passions.  Healthy downtown- healthy community.

She Fought for a Park's Plan for continued system wide improvements.  She works with community organizations to promote the best outcome for all.  Bud King Ice Arena, Every Child's Dream Park, Mountain Bike trails, Ice climbing and more.  She believes that parks are great for tourism but more importantly they improve and add value to Winona's residents.    

She helped start the Million dollar a year road improvements in the city.  She will fight to address are roadways in city budgeting.  She will continue to address Winona's aging and failing infrastructure.  Planning and budgeting are of vital importance when planning for Winona's future.  Safety is the primary role of city government.

She listens.  When Winona said NO to the Broadway Road Diet, she listened.  She fought for six years against this plan.  She will continue to take your input and apply the desires of the larger Winona community.  

Michelle fosters Winona's youth and disabled communities with two of her greatest loves--Winona International Friendship Association and Home and Community Options.    She has spent the last 11 years of her life dedicated to engaging these communities and will continue to work to give them a voice.  

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